Prayer, Healing, and Personal Growth
through Line and Color

    Art, in all its forms, has the power to touch our souls, to heal us, and to bring us closer to the Divine. Whether through visual art, music, creative writing, poetry, or dance, self-expression through the arts enriches our lives, widens our horizons, and re-creates us spiritually and emotionally.  

    I am an artist, writer, musician, teacher, a searcher, and a healer. I am developing this website for seekers of the Spirit, those who wish to nurture their spiritual and emotional lives through the arts.  

    Because we begin expressing ourselves through visual art from the time we first hold a crayon or marker in our hands and make dots and lines that meander around the page, this website will be primarily devoted to visual arts.   Suggestions for incorporating writing and the use of music into your spiritual journey will also be explored.

    Most adults think they cannot draw, even though they once used that crayon or marker without self-consciousness. There is a secret artist still tucked away inside most of us that longs to get that marker or crayon out and color or draw.

    Using art for spiritual growth, emotional healing, or self-awareness does not require artistic expertise. Experience and technical skills are not important.  Exploring our spiritual lives through art-making needs only a willingness to discover how lines, shapes, and color can express our spirits and our yearning for wholeness.

    I hope that your explorations using art prove rich and satisfying.


                                                                Beverly Terlep

                                                                                                          Walnut Creek, CA



Exploring your Spirit through the Arts

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